Who is CIP4

The CIP4® Organization is a not-for-profit standards association. CIP4's objective is to simplify automation in print production and business workflow.

Members meet twice a year for face-to-face “Interop” events, where technical tutorials are regularly provided for new members and working groups can meet and discuss topics that are best discussed in person. Furthermore, Interops provide and opportunity for members to test systems in development with other members in a private, yet very welcoming and informative environment.

In addition to the specifications of the CIP4 provides a variety of resources to its members and the industry, including:

  • Software development kits
  • Software testing systems
  • Utilities such as CheckJDF, JDF Editor and EasyXJDF
  • The JDF Integration Matrix — a reference to working integration partnerships for printers
  • User case studies

Membership is by organization and provides access to benefits to all staff members, and is priced at $2000 for vendors of systems and software and $175 for users of automation systems, such as printers, prepress services, and publishers, as well as for individual consultants. Educational institutions can become a member free of charge.