What is JDF?

The Job Definition Format (JDF) is an industry standard designed to simplify information exchange between different applications and systems in and around the graphic arts industry. To that end, JDF builds on and extends beyond pre-existing partial solutions, such as CIP3's Print Production Format (PPF) and Adobe Systems' Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF). It also enables the integration of commercial and planning applications into the technical workflow. JDF joins the growing number of standards based on XML, ensuring maximum possible portability between different platforms and ready interaction with Internet-based systems. The JDF Specification defines the entire print production process as well as the print product life cycle in a very detailed manner. The JDF specification is the master document for system integration and product description.

JDF is a comprehensive XML-based file format and proposed industry standard for end-to-end job ticket specifications combined with a message description standard and message interchange protocol.

  • JDF is designed to streamline information exchange between different applications and systems.
  • JDF is intended to enable the entire industry, including media, design, graphic arts, on-demand and e-commerce companies, to implement and work with individual workflow solutions.
  • JDF will allow integration of heterogeneous products from diverse vendors to create seamless workflow solutions.

What is XJDF?

XJDF (Exchange Job Definition Format) is a simplified version of JDF.

Whereas the original versions of JDF were based on the idea of a complete electronic job ticket, XJDF (JDF 2.0) assumes that the job ticket exists only as an internal representation within a management application. Management applications can be but are not limited to MIS (Management Information Systems), Production control systems or Prepress workflow systems. XJDF describes the interface between management applications and applications that execute instructions.

In other words XJDF is designed to be a pure information interchange interface. This leads to a significant reduction of complexity compared with the original JDF design. This reduction in complexity should lead to faster, simpler and more robust integration of devices and applications in the graphic arts.

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More Detailed Information

All the technical details regarding JDF, JMFXJDF, XJMF and JMFPrintTalk can be found on the CIP4 Confluence website.
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