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First document in a series of ICS documents

Requirements for Saddle Stitching, Soft-cover and Hardcover Binding

Standardized metadata embedded in structured PDL data

Use of PrintTalk and JDF to convey customers requirements to a print provider

This ICS specifies three levels of Conformance Requirements (levels 1 to 3) for a subset of JDF defined for Integrated Digital Printing (IDP)

Communication using Job Messaging Format (JMF)

Interface between a layout creation tool and a Consumer

Interoperability between MIS and production equipment

Requirements for JDF Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

Interface between the MIS and Postpress Controller

Interface between an MIS system and a prepress system

Requirements for JDF News Printing

Requirements for JDF Commercial Web Printing

Digital Printing

Interface between a Prepress and Conventional Printing

This ICS identifies a relatively small subset of JDF for digital Wide Format printing

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