CIP4 Seminar on JFD, XJDF and PrintTalk

The exclusive CIP4 seminar was held in Munich on 12 and 13 March.

The small-group format with participants from industry and academia allowed for an intensive and detailed discussion of the CIP4 technologies. It was a very international group from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the USA. The seminar was free of charge for participants.

During these two days, Heiko Angermann presented case studies on integration in printing plants and also introduced PrintTalk and XJDF. Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck explained the use and structure of the JDF format and the JMF and XJMF messaging formats. Rainer Prosi rounded off the discussion with insights into these data formats from a developer's perspective. Anselm Scherl gave a short introduction into the CIP4 Organization. Finally, Matthias Heinz drew on his experience as a project manager to look at how integration projects can be successfully implemented. All presenters are active CIP4 members.

All in all, it was a very successful event that we hope will be repeated in the future. If you are interested in attending a future seminar of this kind, please send a short email to

Fogra, the well-known printing research institute and source of color standards was our great host in Munich,Germany.

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