CIP4 publishes four ICS documents

The CIP4 Organization is proud to announce the publication of four updated Interoperability Conformance Specifications (ICS) documents.

The CIP4 Organization is proud to announce the publication of four updated Interoperability Conformance Specifications (ICS) documents. These consist of three updates to JDF 1.7, as well as PrintTalk 2.1, and XJDF 2.1. These documents are the result of years of refinement to keep pace with the changing tools, roles, and pace of automated print production.

ICS Documents are a convenient way to streamline JDF implementations. These ICSs define the general behavior of “Workers” and “Managers” and are the basis for domain-specific specifications that focus exclusively upon the core roles of one's products or vendor solutions. For example, MIS-PrePress ICS focuses solely upon the interaction of a JDF MIS “Manager” system and a JDF-based PrePress “Worker” software tool.

These most-recent releases are particularly timely, as many of our changes in Digital Printing, Automated Print Procurement, and automated Conventional Printing are currently being implemented by a growing number of custom and vendor-provided solutions. This work can be helpful to vendors, integrators and workflow architects as a result of the CIP4 usage of traditional software standards.

These updates are also important because; as print production has evolved, so has JDF. CIP4 provides these updates through the dedication of company partners and vendors, working together, with the expertise of decades of development from the leaders of print automation solutions.

The ICS documents have gone through a rigorous editing and quality-control cycle to ensure that they are correct, consistent and easy to understand. Even for an novice inexperienced implementor who may be new to JDF terminology, these documents give a simplified, structured and standardized path to integration of JDF technology into workflows. In addition to numerous updates to the content, the ICS format and design has been made consistent with the latest JDF specification layout and design, which facilitates matching sections of between the specifications, and the ICSs.


The Base ICS for JDF 1.7 defines the baseline communication and the roles of Managers and Workers in a JDF environment.

The Messaging ICS for JDF 1.7 specifies the basics of job submission as well as methods and procedures for managing communications between Manager and Worker roles in implementations.

The MIS ICS for JDF 1.7 defines the role of an MIS in JDF, and expands upon the prior ICSs with the introduction the concept of cost calculations.

The Automated Print Procurement ICS for PrintTalk 2.1 and XJDF 2.1 specifies the use of PrintTalk to place orders for Print Products; either based upon a description of the requested products, or assuming a pre-negotiated price list.

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