CIP4 Interop #42 in Strasbourg May 8-12

The 42nd CIP4 Interop in Strasbourg France

The 42nd. twice-yearly CIP4 Interop has been taking place in Strasbourg France, with Dalim Software GMBH hosting the gathering. This being our first Interop that many have been able to attend post-covid, attendance has been quite high with nearly 30 registered attendees.

The first two days of testing between members is always active, and the large attendance at this Interop has been a great opportunity for developers to test interoperability of their JDF implementations in person.

Wednesday afternoon through Friday are reserved for face-to-face meetings where we will be discussing our most current document edits and releases, as well as implementations of vendor requests etc.

Thank you to Dalim Software GMBH, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Timișoara, Romania in September, where our next face-to-face Interop will be held.

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