CIP4 releases the new Management Information System ICS Release 2.1

Management Information System ICS Release 2.1 - the latest version of one of the core elements in the ICS documents for XJDF.

What is new in the MIS 2.1 ICS?

This version of the ICS brings more modern implementation capabilities. These are specifically geared towards shop-floor coordination amongst diverse and complex work environments and devices, with complex MIS control. This ICS document is the result of over 1 year of dedicated effort by CIP4 members and partners, and reflects our continuing efforts to update and utilize the most appropriate current technology.

The ICS document can be downloaded MIS for XJDF ICS 2.1, and other supporting documents and examples available CIP4 Specification Documents. More information on XJDF, JDF, and PrintTalk workflow automation is available at

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