Executive Summary - What are ICS Documents?

No single device (i.e., printer, press, imagesetter, etc.) is likely to implement all that the job ticket format specification provides for. For instance, if you are in the digital printing business, you might not care to facilitate data used for case binding. A RIP is not a requirement for facilitating preflighting. A Stitcher probably doesn't need to handle image rendering data. To specify exactly what individual classes of devices need to do with JDF or XJDF or PrintTalk, CIP4 members are developing ICS document that will provide the minimum expectations for individual classes of devices. Thus, ICS documents decrease the risks of incompatibilities between modules. Note that ICS documents are papers to read, not machine-readable interfaces. They are valuable recommendation for developer and integrators, what part of JDF, XJDF or PrintTalk they should implement in order to achieve interoperability to other modules.

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