Barcelona Interop 2022


The Barcelona Interop for Spring 2022 is underway!

Barcelona Interop 2022

Interops... Where we put our efforts to the test in a real-world testing environment

CIP4 Interop meetings provide a unique opportunity for developers, integrators, and vendors to test their JDF tools with their colleagues and workflow partners. This being the 40th. meeting represents 2 decades of refinement in how to best provide our members with the resources needed to deploy JDF solutions. As the photo shows, much of this work is technical, and allows an engineer to work with their complementary tools to assure that their solutions are JDF compliant.

The Sant Cugat meeting will focus upon finalizing many of the ICS documents as well as discussions of new MIS ICS plans, and follows our usual protocol of Inter-operational testing for 1/2 the meeting, followed by ICS discussions and planning for the remainder of the week.

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