Overview to Print Automation

Schematic sketch of communication in a print shop

“Process automation” is a broad term, with the basic premise that workflow is based upon communication between the various equipment, MIS systems, and integration services in the graphic arts industry. These can be devices in print production, but also higher-level systems such as a production controller or a management information system (MIS).

The sketch shows a highly simplified model. In reality, communication is much more dynamic.

Job Tickets

Job tickets define the information that is transported between components. JDF, XJDF and PrintTalk are the best known and most important examples of job tickets in the graphic arts industry.

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All of these job ticket formats have been developed to integrate independent devices, much like a conventional conveyor belt connecting the production of different aggregates. The endresult is a highly automated workflow with fewer human touchpoints, and deeper integration into existing MIS workflows.

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Print 4.0 / Smart Factory

Print 4.0 is derived from the term "Industry 4.0" - also known as Digital Smart Factory. These are largely autonomous factories that make use of advanced technologies such as communication, artificial intelligence, robotics, Big Data and the Internet of Things. The term represents a shift in industry that enables smart interconnection between autonomous manufacturing systems. CIP4's technologies plays a central role in this.

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