XJDF - Exchange Job Definition Format

Stefan Meissner


The Exchange Job Definition Format (XJDF) is the next major version of the Job Definition Format (JDF). Whereas the original versions of JDF were based on the idea of a complete electronic job ticket, XJDF (or JDF 2.0) assumes that the job ticket exists only as an internal representation within a management application. Management applications can be, but are not limited to, MIS (Management Information Systems), production control systems, and prepress workflow systems. XJDF describes the interface between management applications and applications that execute instructions. XJDF and JDF are both managed by the CIP4 Consortium.

This publication is an introduction to XJDF and focuses on the technical implementation. The book identifies and discusses the core concepts behind XJDF. Working with XJDF requires both programming experience and some knowledge about printing. This makes XJDF challenging for many developers.

The goal of this book is to address the essentials of XJDF and elevate the reader to a competent level on which he or she is able to work with the official XJDF Specification. This book is a summary and explanation of the fundamental concepts and ideas behind XJDF.
In addition to the development of XJDF, CIP4 also redesigned the specifications authoring process. Standards can only survive with the support of an active community. The new authoring process ensures transparency and consistency, and it encourages discussion of extensions, modifications, and improvements of the specifications. This book also addresses the CIP4 authoring process of how to begin, follow, or track discussions on modifications and extensions of the XJDF Specification.

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