Workflow Automation

Standards der Medienproduktion      Basic Concepts of Workflow Automation in the Graphic Arts Industry

      • Gives an up-to-date overview of workflow automation in the graphic arts
      • Explains the communication between the individual management and
        production components
      • Describes how the communication between print buyer and print provider

Author: Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck


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XJDF - Exchange Job Definition Format

This publication is an introduction to XJDF and focuses on the technical implementation.

The book identifies and discusses the core concepts behind XJDF. Working with XJDF requires both programming experience and some knowledge about printing. This makes XJDF challenging for many developers.

Author: Stefan Meissner
ASIN: 3000556044

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Standards in der Medienproduktion

Standards der MedienproduktionVon HTML5 über PDF zu E-Books und Apps

Ein Team aus Professoren und akademischen Mitarbeitern der Hochschule der Medien (HdM) haben mit „Standards in der Medienproduktion" das erste deutsche Fachbuch veröffentlicht, das den gesamten Premedia-Bereich abdeckt. Die Publikation richtet sich an Studierende und Praktiker der Medienproduktion.

Autoren: Hoffmann-Walbeck, Th., Zimmermann, G., Hedler, M., Homann, J.-P., Henka, A., Riegel, S., Gerlicher, A., Goik, M., Strobbe, C.
ISBN 978-3-642-15042-5 (Print)
ISBN (E-Book): 978-3-642-15043-2

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Standards der Medienproduktion


著 者:[德] 托马斯·霍夫曼-瓦贝克 等

译 者:金 杨

审 校:刘浩学

ISBN 978-7-5142-2966-0


印 次:2020年8月第1版 2020年8月第1次印刷

定 价:238.00元

出版发行:文化发展出版社(北京市翠微路2号 邮编:100036)
网 址
经 销:各地新华书店

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JDF Workflow

JDF WorkflowJDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry

Job Definition Format (JDF) and Job Messaging Format (JMF), based on the XML standard, provide one of the most important recent innovations for the automation of print production. JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry, demonstrates that it is more than just a data format by providing a comprehensive examination of the format as well as the workflow that can be built with the help of JDF.

Authors: Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck, Sebastian Riegel (translated by John Joseph Dobrowits)
ISBN: 978088627181

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