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CIP4 Leadership

CIP4 Secretariat

Stefan Daun of the Fraunhofer Institute serves as CIP4's secretariat. He and other Fraunhofer employees who assist him are responsible for maintain CIP4's Bylaws and rules of membership, maintaining the CIP4 website (including WebEx services, user accounts, and Email forums), generating invoicing, accepting payments and making payments on behalf of CIP4, and maintaining CIP4's financial records. Email:

Full contact information (including address)


CIP4 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executing body of CIP4. It is be made up of one to seven members. For more details about the role of the Board of Directors please look at the CIP4 By-Laws.

Chief Executive Officer    Henny van Esch (Optimus)

Technical Officer    Rainer Prosi (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

Education & Marketing Officer    Julie Watson (Ultimate Technographics Inc.)

Treasurer & Financial Officer    Jay Farr (EFI)

Membership Officer    Mark Bohan (Printing Industries of America)

Full BoD contact information (including photos and biographies)


CIP4 Board of Directors: Job Descriptions

Chief Executive Officer
The CEO serves as the chair of both the CIP4 Advisory Board and the CIP4 Board of Directors, and is the primary signature authority for the organization in both financial and legal or contracting work1. Both the Secretariat and the Executive Director report to the CEO, although such reporting may be delegated to other Board members or the Executive Director (in the case of the Secretariat). For in-stance, the Oversight of the Executive Director's marketing responsibilities has been delegated for the long term to the Education & Marketing Officer. The CEO is responsible for leadership and as such, must attend all general membership meetings, and the majority of AB and BOD meetings (in his absence, these re-sponsibilities defer to the Executive Director). The CEO is also responsible for oversight of the organization's legal matters, oversight and direction of other Board members, and serves as CIP4's primary liaison to other international standards bodies. Only the CEO, the Executive Director and the Secretariat may request assistance from CIP4's general counsel.
1) The Financial Officer is the secondary signature authority for financial matters, and in the CEO's absence, the Executive Director is the secondary signature authority for legal matters and contracts.

Technical Officer
The Technical Officer is responsible for all standards development, as well as development of software, sample code and other technical developments. The Technical Officer serves as the Chair of the Tech-nical Steering Committee (TSC) and is responsible for its oversight as well as the organization and over-sight of all technical working groups. The Technical Officer is responsible for the development and maintenance of CIP4 standards, and as such, provides direct oversight of any third-party editorials or graphic design support. The Technical Officer is also responsible for the coordination of 2-4 face-to-face technical meetings and interoperability events (which he or she must attend), preparation of the annual technical budget, maintenance of the technical working group standard operating procedures, and he or she oversees any contract or intern work on the development of CIP4ís code, sample date, and software tools. The Technical Officer is also responsible for establishing and coordinating the CIP4 product certification program. The Technical Officer may authorize the expenditure of funds within the limits of the approved technical budget. The Technical Officer also delivers a report on all technical activities during the annual membership meeting(s).

Education & Marketing Officer
The Education & Marketing Officer is responsible for all educational and marketing programs. The Education & Marketing Officer serves as the Chair of the Marketing Committee, schedules and attends monthly Marketing Committee meetings, and prepares the annual marketing budget. The Education & Marketing Officer provides oversight of the Executive Directorís education and marketing efforts and provides oversight and fiscal control over the marketing support services subcontractor and outsourced work. The Education & Marketing Officer may authorize the expenditure of funds within the limits of the approved education and marketing budget. The Education & Marketing Officer is also responsible for organizing major CIP4 industry events (e.g., pavilions and parcs at shows such as drupa, Print and Ipex) and approves such plans as well as the content of all printed material and press releases. The Education & Marketing Officer also delivers a report on all educational and marketing activities during the annual membership meeting(s).

Treasurer & Financial Officer
The Treasurer & Financial Officer ("Treasurer") is responsible for:

  • Oversight of all CIP4 accounts, expenditures, purchases, and investments;
  • Has direct access to CIP4 bank accounts;
  • Provides direct oversight of the CIP4 auditor;
  • Reviews all financial statements and accounting records maintained and prepared by the Secre-tariat, as well as bank statements and investment statements;
  • Makes a financial report monthly to the CIP4 Advisory Board that compares budgeted, actual and historical revenue, income and cash flow;
  • Issues checks and approve payments of bills, move money between accounts, and prepares the annual CIP4 budget;
  • Prepares Tax documents in relation with the Swiss tax authorities;
  • Monitor membership fee payments and plays a leading role in contacting CIP4 members who are late in paying their membership fees;
  • Presentation at annual General Meeting (this is related to all officers); and
  • Meets with Fraunhofer in Darmstadt to discuss several issues and attends and annual audit.

Membership Officer
The Membership Officer is responsible for both the growth of membership as well as determining the desires and satisfaction of current members. The Membership Officer is responsible for coordinating and oversight of user groups, works with the Secretariat on securing membership renewals, provides outreach to potential members and maintains CIP4ís Rules of Membership. The Membership Officer tracks new member additions and reports to the Advisory Board on membership growth, with the assistance of the Secretariat. The Membership Officer surveys members and reports annually to the Advisory Board and at the general membership meeting on the overall level of satisfaction of the membership, its likes and dislikes pertaining to CIP4ís activities, and as well as suggested programs and activities.

CIP4 Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the highest authority of the CIP4 organization. It is made up of one representative of each Partner Member, five representatives of the Full Members, and two representatives of the Associate Members. For more details about the role of the Advisory Board, please look at the CIP4 By-Laws.

Representatives from Partner Members:

Representatives elected by Full Members:

Representatives elected by Associate Members:

Full AB contact information (including photos and biographies)



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